Real AGI's

The AGI remains a difficult bird to judge because, since the introduction of the AGI, the quality has not really improved. It’s hard to find AGIs with a rosette on the back, they almost all have the back of the Parisians. In addition, the hooded heads are not present in all TT birds and the frilling on the chest also causes some problems. You often see birds with the body of a Parisian, but with a narrow head with a hood. For the judges a hood is enough to judge the bird as an AGI. We have created this situation ourselves by breeding with bastards of Parisians, crossed with AGIs.

We will now have to ensure that we breed towards real AGIs and hopefully the standard requirements for the AGIs will not be adjusted to what they want in Italy. They want to expand the full hood with half- and quarter hood varieties. That would result in a direction towards even more bastards. Let’s just start growing real AGIs first.

Below are some pictures of my young AGIs 2018 with nice hoods.


The phenomenon AGI

We also can’t avoid the phenomenon of AGIs anymore. If you are working with the larger Parisian Frill nowadays, you will find yourself confronted with the AGI.

In fact, I don’t call it a race, but an improvement of the Parisian Frill. Because the standard requirements have not been amended, the AGI has been born. The result is that we see very little true Parisian Frills anymore and also real AGIs have to be looked for with a magnifying glass. What we did end up with is a hodgepodge of AGIs and Parisians, a mix of hybrids. We will have to keep a very close eye on the standards to be able to preserve the true Parisian Frill, as most fans are charmed with the large heads of the AGI, preferably with a hood. At the moment, any Parisian Frill with a hood is called an AGI.

Last two years we participated at the world show with an AGI and managed to get gold (Hasselt) and bronze (Bari). Do we then have top AGIs? No, but we do have amongst the best that are on show.

To end with the words of Paul Putz: “You can’t say that you are only breeding AGIs. Parisians are still being born from the current AGIs.”

Please find some pictures of our AGIs below.