Northern Dutch frilled canary

I am John Rossou (born 1953) and since my early childhood I have been breeding birds. About 35 years ago, I became especially interested in type canaries.


For the first years I have bred the Northern Dutch frilled canary and the Parisian frilled canary. For the last 15 years I have specialized in the Northern Dutch frilled canary. Until recently I have bred yellow birds, but the last years also spotted and green birds.


Every year I breed roughly 175 young birds and my goal is always to breed a healthy bird with good frills. Besides taking care of my birds on a daily basis, I also need good breeding birds for this. Every year I replace half of my breeding birds by new birds, young birds of my own or from other breeders. In the past those birds were from Jean Nelissen (NL), mr. Van Dooren (NL), Rob Harberink (NL), Dirk Rietjens (B), Wilfried Swyngedauw (B) and Ilario Bonetti (I).


I take care of my birds daily. They get fresh drinking water and a large variety of seeds in a dosed amount. Also I give them yellow pepper and if necessary some vitamins or supplements. For the vitamins and supplements I am in contact with Peter Coutteel (B), who has specialized in birds.


For the past few years, I have been very successful: besides various Dutch championships, I also won 9 gold medals at the World Championships. This success motivates me to keep on trying each year to get the best bird possible on the shows.


For more information or for buying birds, you can contact me.