Parisian frilled canary

My father Marius Rossou (born 1927, ✝ 02-05-2014) has taken more a liking to Parisian frilled canaries and has specialized in the yellow and white color.

Breed and care

Due to his age he breeds with a maximum of 24 breeding pairs, for which he has his own mix of nutrition and also gives various green fodder. He also has his birds under medical supervision of veterinarian Peter Coutteel (B). My father also replaces half of his breeding birds with his own younger birds or with birds from other breeders. Other breeders from which he has bought birds in the past are; Paul Putz (Germany), Nico Habets (NL), George Gerard (B) and Hans Jurgen Preusser (Germany).


When necessary I am helping my father with taking care and breeding his birds. This has led to a renewed enthusiasm and also a silver medal in 2012 at the World Championship in Tours. Due to time constraints and his advancing age, he only participates at this event.


For more information or for buying birds you can contact me.